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The unprecedented pandemic that has taken the world by storm has changed the way we live. For business owners, it has become harder and harder to stay in business.

Rather than waiting for things to go back to the way they used to be, why not do something about the new normal. 

Helping You MoveOn

While COVID-19 has caused an onslaught of sudden, disruptive changes, the truth is that the way we do business has been changing for far longer than that. Every new technology released affords us new possibilities, new ways we can offer a service.

Thus, businesses that adopted them earlier are less likely to have a painful transition to the post-COVID-19 world.

As an expert consultancy program, MoveOn’s sole aim is to help you to, as the name implies, move on fromthe financial rut this COVID-19 pandemic has or might have left you in.

It offers a 3-in-1 service which includes consulting, training, and coaching. MoveOn sets off to bring your business and your profits out from their lockdown to open up back into a healthy growth process.

Personalized strategy

A personalized strategy for your business to gain a new foothold in the world of today is what this program offers you. The best part about it? The 1st consulting session is completely FREE.


From the prescription that comes out of it, you will decide if we shall move forward together and help restore your business back to health.


Strategies Implementation

Our approach is both tech-minded and data-driven. Using real-time data, we’ll come up with the best set of strategies to implement into your business process.


The specifics of your industry will be taken into account to formulate a plan tailored for your business needs.


There are three stages to MoveOn: Consulting, Training, and Coaching that run for 12 months.


First, we stablish where you stand, how you do business and what the new normal would look like.


We then implement a plan which we both can supervise based on a set of defined milestones to track progress each week.


Finally, every two weeks, we’ll have a training session to introduce and develop a variety of subjects you need to know to properly handle this transformation.


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